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Hungarian Landscapes
Hungary has inherited the greater parts of the Pannonic basin a lowland located between the Alpine, Carpatic and Dinaric mountain regions. The climate is continntal dry with hot summers and cold winters.

Budapest is a city of many contrasts set proudly on the banks of the river Danube. Buda, on the west bank, is an old mediaeval town standing on Castle Hill. From the Fisherman's Bastion at the top of the hill you have a wonderful view across the river to the more modern Pest bank of the city. Here you will find wide avenues, shopping streets and magnificent buildings like the Hungarian Parliament. Combine the beauty of Buda with the charm of the Pest and you have an unforgettable short break destination. There are many places to visit like the Royal Castle, Fisherman's Bastion, Citadel, City Park, Heroes Square, Opera, St.Stephen's Basilica or visit the summer palace of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I and Queen Elizabeth at Goedolo. You can enjoy a Danube cruise  or take a walking tour through Buda's castle district and take in the panoramic views of the city before riding by funicular and crossing continental Europe's oldest suspension bridge to the river being an exellent introduction to this beautiful city.

Lake Balaton is mainland Europe's largest fresh water lake set in the Transdanubia region. Picturesque towns are set on the shoreline of the lake as Balatonfured the oldest health spa in the area and wellknown for it's healing waters . The lake offers a variety of watersports or just sailing for relaxation. Harbour ferries are connecting the towns and villages across the lake. The lake is an experience to remember and for some even a holiday dream come true. There is no shortage of entertaiment and weekly concerts are held in summer. Distinctive villas and cottages are available for holiday rental enhancing that stay at the lake with lasting memories. You're always want to go back..

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Rick Steves

Budapest - The Best Of Hungary

See below - Exellent travel video introducing Budapest and Hungary, thermal baths, traditional dancers at a folk concert

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Hungarian Landscapes
Hungarian Cultural Activities
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